March 28, 2023

Several fighters from various weight classes have recently been confirmed as contestants for the Tiktok fight date. These fighters include AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder. Others include Deji and Hacker.

Mcbroom vs Hall

Among the most hyped events in the boxing world is the Mcbroom vs Hall tiktok fight date. TikTok influencer Bryce Hall is set to battle YouTube star Austin McBroom for money. McBroom is known for his family-friendly content on The ACE Family YouTube channel. McBroom has 19 million subscribers.

Both McBroom and Hall are part of the growing ranks of social media stars. They have a large following, and some of them have even earned big paydays.

Both Hall and McBroom have had public drama. They have traded insults, and they have also had a few confrontations. They even exchanged texts. McBroom challenged Hall to a boxing match, and Hall accepted. Their fight was confirmed in April.

McBroom vs Hall will take place on June 5th, 2022, at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. The event will feature eight fights, including six in the main event.

Hall and McBroom will fight each other for a $5 million purse. McBroom is a former NCAA basketball standout and he also has a family-friendly YouTube channel. He has 19 million subscribers, and Hall has almost 20 million followers. The two have also faced off in a Twitter exchange.

Hall and McBroom are both part of the new generation of social media stars who have become boxers. They have been battling for money, and they have also had their share of controversy. Both have had fights with other YouTubers and TikTokers.

Hall and McBroom were originally scheduled to face YouTuber DDG and TikToker Nate Wyatt. They also were supposed to fight a random TikToker selected by fans.

After the first two rounds, McBroom started to lose control. In the third round, Hall started to fumble and McBroom started to throw more punches. McBroom eventually won the fight in the second standing eight count.

Mcbroom vs Colbran

Earlier this year, YouTuber Austin McBroom challenged TikTok star Bryce Hall to a boxing match. The match went down last summer, and McBroom won the bout with relative ease. In March, Bryce Hall accepted Austin McBroom’s $5 million offer. But he had one big disadvantage: he wasn’t medically cleared to compete.

The YouTube vs TikTok boxing show is set to take place on June 5 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The event will feature several notable bouts. In addition to McBroom and Hall, the event will also feature Ed Matthews, Simon Colbran, Cal the Dragon, and several others. The fight will be streamed on YouTube, and it will be available on pay per view.

The fight will also be the first of its kind in the UK. The show will be produced by KingPyn Boxing, a boxing promoter.

There will be several other notable bouts, including Danny Duncan vs Tayler Holder and Deji vs Vinnie Hacker. The main event will also feature the simple and the simple. There will be eight fights in total. A few of the more notable fighters include Ed Matthews, Logan Paul, and Simon Colbran.

In the boxing world, influencer boxing matches have become more commonplace in recent years. Some notable celebrities have entered the ring, including Logan Paul, Floyd Mayweather, and Tyson Fury.

The YouTube vs TikTok fight has certainly been a hit. There are several other notable bouts, including Chef Dave vs Aaron Hunt, Ginty vs Luke Bennett, and Deji vs Vinnie hacker. But it appears as though McBroom vs Hall is set to be the biggest draw of the evening. The event is expected to draw a massive audience, and will be a pay-per-view show, according to the organizers.

AnEsonGib vs Tayler Holder

During an appearance on the TikTok Show, YouTuber AnEsonGib, aka Ali Al Fakri, revealed that he’s set to face TikTok star Tayler Holder in the boxing ring on June 12. The two will square off in a fight that is expected to be a major contender in the boxing world.

The fight is also expected to create a bit of buzz on social media. In fact, the event is expected to attract millions of viewers.

It’s easy to see why the Battle of the Platforms is such a popular trend. Besides, the boxing event is expected to draw a lot of attention from the crowd. And, it’s not just YouTube and TikTok fans.

The event is hosted by the Social Gloves promotions, which started last year. This year, the company will headline a fight night at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles. A total of seven fights will be held. All of them are public choice, which means they’ll be fought by fans. The card features five fights between Team YouTube and Team TikTok.

It’s a good idea to look into the boxing history of both YouTubers. AnEsonGib and Jake Paul both have some boxing experience. They both fought on the same card in last year’s YouTube vs. TikTokers event. Although AnEsonGib lost to Jake Paul, he did show some improvement after the bout. He also took a few big shots in the ring.

There were a number of Twitter exchanges between the two boxers, as well as a tweet from McBroom which called out Hall. The two took turns in the spotlight on social media, and the hashtag was quickly picked up by fans.

It was also the first boxing event for YouTube boxers, and the first press conference. The organisers let fans pick the fighters, and they also let the audience vote for their favorite. The night was a huge success. The event drew a massive crowd, and the fights drew a lot of attention.

Deji vs Hacker

KSI’s younger brother Deji is set to face TikToker Vinnie Hacker in a boxing match. This event will be broadcast as a pay-per-view event, and will be televised on LiveXLive. It will also include an amateur bout, and will be held at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday, June 12.

This is the third YouTube vs TikTok boxing event in the UK, and the first since last year. Both platforms have hundreds of millions of followers. The event will feature the biggest stars from both platforms, as well as amateur fights. The night’s main event will be held in five rounds of two-minute rounds. The undercard stars will also compete in four rounds.

In the first round of the fight, Deji appeared to be in control. He landed a number of punches. But Vinnie Hacker landed a brutal right hook in the second round. He landed a total of 40 punches.

In the third round, Deji was unable to score a knockout. Vinnie Hacker continued to power punch cornered him. Despite this, Deji threw fewer punches than Hacker. He also landed more punches than Deji. The bout ended in a TKO.

There is some controversy surrounding the YouTube vs TikTok event, and a lot of fans are calling for Deji to drop his gloves and quit boxing. Some fans also noted that Deji was crying in his corner during the fight.

The YouTube vs TikTok boxing series is one of the most watched events in the world. Several social media stars have tried their luck in amateur boxing. Some of them have made it to the main event, but others have failed.

Deji Olatunji and Jake Paul have made headlines lately. They have both recently lost in white-collar contests.

Simon vs Ed Matthews

During a recent press conference, Ed Matthews and Simple Simon had a heated face-off. Matthews was reportedly infuriated after Colbran gifted him a sex toy on stage. The two TikTokers had been engaged in an online feud earlier this year.

Both TikTokers have had a number of high-profile fights on the social networking platform, but this is the first time they will meet in the ring. The two TikTokers will face off in London at an upcoming boxing event. The bout is billed as “Kingpyn Boxing,” and is expected to draw 2,000 fans. It is expected to take place at The O2’s Indigo.

Ed Matthews and Simple Simon are both well known on TikTok, where they have a combined following of hundreds of thousands. The two TikTokers have been engaged in a feud for months, but it escalated during a TikTok livestream. This is the first time these two TikTokers will face off in the ring, and the first Internet boxing event in the UK.

Both TikTokers have had numerous fights on the social media platform, but this will be the first time they will meet in the sexy ring. The event will also feature a variety of other TikTokers, and the bout will be streamed live on YouTube.

The event is expected to take place on July 16, at the Indigo in The O2. The event will include eight clashes, including the co-main event between Ed Matthews and Simple Simon. It is expected to take place between 6pm and 10pm in the UK.

Fans will be able to pre-order the fight on pay-per-view from the video livestream. The event will also feature several less-than-amateur TikTokers, and the bout will have a tenuous connection to the original story.

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