March 25, 2023
How to Activate Your Crystals

How to Activate Your Crystals

There are a number of different ways to activate your crystals. Some of them are more effective than others. The best way to activate your crystals depends on the element you’re working with. For example, if your crystals are of the air element, you should use it to activate them. Clear, blue, and purple crystals are most effective with air elemental activation. You can also use the fire element to activate yellow, orange, and red crystals.

Spiritual activation

There are a variety of different ways to activate your crystals. Some crystals are water safe, so they can be placed in a bowl of water to activate them. Others, such as Fluorite, can be activated by smudging them with smoke or using intentions and affirmations.

Crystals can also be activated by the elemental vibrations associated with their hue. For instance, blue crystals are associated with communication, while pink crystals are associated with the heart. Visualizing each color of crystal will help channel the energy to its higher spiritual flow. Then, the crystal will activate when the energy in the surroundings matches that vibration.

Water and incense are also great for activating crystals. However, you should make sure the crystals you are using are compatible with water, as some of them will dissolve quickly if placed in water. The next step in the process is to burn some incense. The smoke from incense will create smoke, which will help activate the crystals. It is also a good idea to think about affirmations while you are smoking the incense.

Smoke also clears negative energies and purifies an environment. Sage, lavender, and frankincense are all good options for this. They have long been used as purifiers in Native American traditions and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Indigenous Australians also use Eucalyptus twigs and smoke as purifiers.


The first step in activating crystals with incense is to create a sacred space. You can do this by setting up an altar or by returning to a place where you have worked with crystals before. Bring a bowl of incense, a meditation mat and soft music. Focus on your breathing and let your mind settle. After you’ve completed your ritual, you can then visualize yourself bathing your crystal with healing light.

It’s also important to note that incense smoke cannot directly damage crystals. However, be careful not to burn the incense too close to the crystal. You don’t want the smoke to burn into the crystal, as this could damage it. However, if the smoke is far enough away, it won’t harm the crystal.

Burning incense also purifies the air. The smoke can break up lower vibrational energies in a room. This allows the crystal to be cleansed of unwanted or imbalanced energy.


Activating Selenite crystals is a simple three-step process. You must first cleanse the crystal to clear negative energies and then charge it with new vibrations. Finally, program the crystal with affirmations and intentions. Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to begin working with Selenite.

Selenite is a form of gypsum, but it contains selenium and is toxic unless it is treated properly. It can be a bit soft and scratched with your finger, so be careful when handling it. Another way to distinguish a fake selenite is by the temperature of the stone. If the crystal feels cold to the touch, it is most likely a fake.

To activate Selenite, start by placing it near your chakra. Spend some time focusing on the details of the stone and feeling its power. Try to sit in a quiet place and find a comfortable position. When you do this, you’ll be able to receive the benefits of the crystal.

You can also cleanse your selenite using a smudge stick or a dry salt. You can also try sound vibrations from singing bowls or bells, which will purify the selenite crystal. You can also expose your selenite crystal to white light, moonlight, or sunlight for 30 minutes to recharge it.


Activating crystals in the moonlight is a great way to attract positive energy. A monthly moonbath is an especially powerful way to recharge crystals. However, you should remember to keep crystals free of dust and debris, as dust reduces the crystals’ electrostatic charge. To remove dust, you can use a small brush and water. Make-up brushes will work well for this purpose.

The best time to charge crystals with moonlight is a few days before or after the full moon. During this time, the moonlight will be brighter and more powerful. For maximum benefits, it is best to place your crystals outside during the full moon, but you can also place them on a windowsill inside your home.

You can also charge crystals in the moonlight by leaving them overnight. This is one of the easiest ways to recharge your crystals. The moonlight will be gentle enough not to damage the crystal. During a full moon, your crystals will receive the maximum energy, while a waning moon will remove any energy it may have. This way, you can be sure to charge your crystals regularly. The moonlight will also help you recharge your crystals with positive energy.

If you’re not sure about how to activate your crystals, you can also check TikTok for short videos about the process. For example, if you’re interested in installing a crystal light in your home, you can make a video about it and post it on the app. The hashtags for these videos are #crystallightinstallation and #howtocleancrystals.


Singing to activate crystals is a simple, yet effective way to clear negative energy. It’s a form of sound therapy and has been used for centuries. Singing to activate crystals helps release negative energy from the body by causing the crystals to vibrate. It also helps to quiet the mind and clear stubborn energy.

Once you’ve selected the crystals you’d like to cleanse, simply lay them out and play some music. You can use any instrument, sheet music, or prerecorded music to do this ritual. It doesn’t matter what type of music you use – just be sure to find a song that resonates with your energy.

For best results, use a singing bowl near the crystals. The high-pitched sound from the singing bowl will cleanse negative energy and raise the crystals’ vibration. Make sure to place a cushion beneath the singing bowl so that you can relax and enjoy the soothing sound. If you’re using the singing bowl alone, make sure to use a wooden stick to keep it upright while you use it.

If you want to use singing bowls to cleanse your crystals, be sure to purchase a high-quality bowl for the purpose. Using low-quality bowls will generate a dull metallic sound and will be less effective at cleaning crystals.


Setting an intention for your crystal is an important part of activating it. You can make the atmosphere more receptive to the intention by lighting candles and burning incense. Additionally, you can add sage or palo santo to raise the vibration of the room. Then, you can place your crystal on the third eye, and let your intention flow into it.

When you’re ready to program your crystal, take a deep breath and focus on your intention. You can program each chakra differently, or you can program the entire crystal to work with one particular intention. Whatever you choose, the process is simple. Remember that you are programming the crystal to support your intention, not your personal willpower.

The next step is to cleanse your crystal. Using a crystal cleanser is an excellent way to clear away unwanted energies and cleanse an environment. Many different herbs are used as purifiers, and some have been used for thousands of years. Native Americans and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have long used sage sticks, and Indigenous Australians use frankincense and lavender.

Another way to cleanse your crystal is with water. You can use a solution of table salt and water, or pour the salt water over the crystal. This will quickly cleanse and activate it. You need to make sure that the water is safe for your crystal. It is important to remember that stones feed on light, and not all light is equal.

Sound cleansing

Sound healing is an ancient method of supporting health and wellbeing. It uses the vibrational power of sacred sound to promote healing and restore balance. Sound therapy uses instruments such as singing bowls, tuning forks, or bells to create waves of divine frequency. This method can be used to cleanse crystals and stones. Its soothing vibrations help quiet the mind and clear stubborn energy.

During sound cleansing, you should focus on the point of highest sound. Ideally, the sound should resonate throughout the crystals. If you have a large collection of crystals, this method is especially helpful. Various instruments can be used to create the sound, but the Tibetan singing bowl is perhaps the most popular and effective.

Another method of sound cleansing involves clapping. You can do this anywhere. Just make sure you do it in a clockwise motion. While singing bowls are often used, you can also use any bell that makes a pleasing sound. Also, make sure to focus on the corners of the room.

Sound cleansing is a simple and effective method that can activate crystals. It uses a sound frequency to charge them. As long as you’re using the right frequency, this method can work for many types of crystals. To start, you should prepare your crystals for the process by placing them on a clean cloth or a mat. Once you have everything set, you can then start sound cleansing the crystals by using a singing bowl or tuning fork. This process typically takes five to 10 minutes.

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